1. Red

From the recording Travelers


On the way to grandma's house she got lost in the woods
Could not see through fog and rain from underneath her hood
The big bad wolf was prowling 'round the forest path that day
He saw Red upon the path alone and he thought her easy prey

He said hello there little girl, won't you tell me where you're bound
I live here in the forest and I know my way around
I'm a well connected gentleman of self-sufficient means
I can help you find your way around and give you what you need

I'm on the way to grandmas house for she has fallen ill
She lives beyond the bend up there just over yonder hill
I know the way all by myself but thanks for your concern
The wolf he turned away, believing Red had much to learn

The big bad wolf ran through the woods to the cottage 'round the bend
He opened wide his big, bad jaws then granny met her end
He donned her cap and nightgown and he climbed into her bed
Anticipation growing as he waited there for Red

She went knock knock knock upon the door and he bid her come inside
My oh my grandmother, you have such striking eyes
All the better to see you with, my darling little one
Now come here closer to this bed so that we can have some fun

Red stepped into the cottage knowing something wasn't right
Grandma's snout was much too long and the nightgown much too tight
And when she saw the big bad wolf and the bed in which he lay
Red pulled out a .45 and blew that wolf away

Now children gather 'round me, won't you listen to my song
A wolf in an old lady's clothes won't fool a girl for long
Maybe once upon a time they'd believe the lies you tell
But you know these little girls today, they can take care of themselves